Saturday, April 24, 2010

Clean Up

I had to work this morning and have to go back again in the morning but for whatever reason I tend to have more energy (or maybe it's motivation)! when I work the weekend. 

So, I made dinner, White Chicken Enchiladas and now we are trying to clean up this house!  How does it get so cluttered/filthy?  We officially have a "mobile" baby now, so we are trying out best to keep it clean.  It is so hard!

We have tried to baby proof, but I have to admit, she is a little more into everything than I though she would be.  I can sit her down and the next thing I know she has crawled across the room and is trying to pull up on something.  I just don't want her to get hurt! 

What does everybody do to keep the house clean?  I'm thinking that we might need to implement some sort of schedule...Mon-dust/vacuum, Tues-laundry/bathrooms, etc?  Does this actually work?  I just don't know how working moms do it.  There are dishes and laundry every day, not to mention fixing dinner each night and feeding Em each night, which takes a while since she is learning table foods.  Give me some tips!

Gotta run....Hubs starts work on Monday!  Pray for him!



  1. Hi!! I follow your blog and just saw that you were a phi mu! so was i! :) Anyways, not sure why I felt the need to tell you but i just got so excited when i saw that! ha!