Thursday, July 29, 2010

1 year!

Emmie Lane turned 1 yesterday!  I cannot believe that this time last year I was snuggling a new born baby.  I also cannot believe that Shannon and I were preparing to lead our baby into surgery.  I'm still having a hard time grasping the magnitude of what happened with her and how far we have come since that surgery.  I think back to Ephesians 3:20 and how this verse speaks to me so clearly:

"He is able to do immeasurably more than all we could ask or imagine".  Amen for that!  I feel so blessed and humbled...this verse got me through a lot during that time. 

We are planning to celebrate Em's first year of life on Saturday with lots of friends and family.  I can not wait!  I have been party planning for literally 2 months and I want everything to be just perfect for her.  I know that she doesn't know and she won't remember, but I will and I want her to be able to look back and see how loved she is!  She is into everything and is developing quite the personality.  Here's what she's up to:

-walking everywhere
-says "uh-oh", "yes" and "this"
-dancing like a fool
-wears size 12-18 months and size 4 diapers
-eating 3 meals a day plus snacks and still taking 3 bottles (we will be working on the transitition to whole milk in sippys next week...say a prayer!)
-puts her hand to her ear to "answer the phone" when we say hello
-her favorite food is blueberries..she will eat all of them off her plate first
-still only has 2 little teeth
-just got back from her first real vacation at the beach for a whole week

Emmie, we love you so very much!  You are such a blessing to our lives.  I can't wait for you to grow up so I can tell you all about what happened when you first came into our lives.  You are our little miracle!

Love Always, Mommy

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Well, it's official!  We have a "toddler" in the Rushing household!  Emmie took her first steps on Saturday and I kinda just went right past it because I couldn't believe my eyes.  Sure enough, I stood her up and she just walked to me like she's been doing it since birth.  We are so excited and she is very proud of herself!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

11 months

My sweet baby turned 11 months old just a few days ago!  I can't believe it!  We have an almost toddler among us.  She brings such joy and happiness to my's hard to remember what life was like before she came along.

Here's what she has been up to:

-has gotten really good at waving bye bye and clapping and will wave bye bye without being prompted (waved at her dad the other morning when we were leaving and nobody said "say bye bye")
-has officially mastered her first word "uh-oh" ( I love it!)
-says da all the time and mumma when she is fussing
-cruising all around the furniture and she is very close to walking!
-standing alone by herself and shakes her booty when she hears music playing
-has a good appetite!  She still takes 3 bottles but now 3 regular meals and also some snacks and is ALWAYS interested in my plate (she takes after her momma)
-gives some awesome open mouth kisses! (LOL)
-wearing size 12 month clothes and also fitting into some 18 month clothes too
-sleeping through the night in her own crib
-has 2 teeth and working on some more
-really loves her grandparents and cries when they leave

We love you so much baby girl!  Momma is busy but I am trying my best to plan the best 1st birthday party ever!  We can't wait to celebrate that special day with you!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's been a while

It has been a hot minute since I posted last.  Things are crazy as usual and I could really use a break!  I'm busy with work, Em, planning a very special 1st birthday party, and all the other general household chores. 

Can you please say a prayer for me?  I have a heavy heart and I have found the only thing to remedy it is prayer.  Have you ever heard the phrase PUSH?  Pray Until Something Happens....that is the kind of intervention I need right now. 

I hope to update soon with pictures of my little monkey!


Sunday, May 30, 2010

10 Months

My sweet baby turned 10 months old on Friday.  She is such a little ham and we just get so much joy from having her in our lives! 

Here's what she's been up to lately:
  • just got her first tooth about a week ago!  She has another one coming in right beside it now...I was beginning to think she wasn't going to get any teeth before she was a year old.
  • sleeping all night IN HER CRIB!  I did NOT let her cry it out.  I don't really know how I got so lucky with this.  I started to put her in her crib for naps and she did cry but no longer than a couple minutes before she just tuckered out.  I just made this a pattern and then started doing it at night too. It's like she just realized that she needed to sleep in her crib!  She does get better sleep in there too.
  • cruising around the living room, holding onto to all of the furniture.
  • standing for a second by herself before falling down
  • eating solids 3 times a day, with 4 bottles 
  • laughs really hard whenever her daddy says "poopy" to her
  • really loves her baby
  • went to the pool for the first time today!

We love you sweet baby so so much!

Love, Mommy

Friday, May 7, 2010

Baby Names

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner
This week's Show Us Your Life is baby names!  When I was pregnant with Emmie this was such a hard decision for my husband and I to make! We went through so many baby girl names and were pretty set on her name being Kennedy Lane.  For whatever reason it just didn't fit and we changed it to: 

Emerson Lane
We already knew we wanted her middle name to be Lane because we were pretty sure we were going to call her Laney (we don't, we normally call her Emmie).  I had come across Emerson at some point in a baby book and just loved it.  It's a unique name and we immediately decided that we would call her Emmie Lane.  

There are quite a few names that I really like for future children!  I'm pretty sure that we won't stick to "E" names, but instead will probably choose names with the same sound as Emerson.  My favorite name for our next baby if it's a girl is Anniston, but my husband is not too crazy about this one!  For boys, my husband and I both like Jameson and Anderson.  I wish we had some cool family names, but unfortunately we don't.  I'm also a big fan of one syllable middle names.  Can you tell I have thought about this?!  Haha...babies are too exciting!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Food Products

I've been wanting to do this post for a while because people ask me ALL the time..."what do you eat"? and "Just give me a diet and I'll follow it".  My advice for those people that want to just "follow a plan" is this:  you won't be able to stick to the plan forever because you will surely get tired of the same foods over and over.  I try to give my patients/clients education so that they can understand food labels so that they may begin to build their own plan:)  It really is about lifestyle change.

I'm a dietitian, not a magician!

I have no secret!  But I do have the knowledge and education about food and food products and try to use this to the max to get the most nutrition out of foods!  The truth is, I try my best to make healthy choices, but just like everyone else, I am a busy wife, mom and I have a full time job.  So I will keep it real here and be the first to let you know that we all eat junk from time to time.  But, I do try to eat healthy foods and wanted to showcase a few products that we eat here in the Rushing house!  (And no I am not being paid for this!...I wish I was though...hint hint, Morningstar!)

Morningstar Farms Meal Starters.  Specifically these crumblers.  They are about the price of a 1 pound package of ground beef and serve as a decent replacement.  We use them in spaghetti and lasagna.  I'm also a big fan of Morningstar breakfast sausages every now and then.  They taste like the real deal!  Another favorite, Morningstar black bean burgers.  These are great.  I usually saute these and then cut them into strips for quesadilla night.  They are so good.

Greek Yogurt!  Not any brand specifically, but I've tried Oikos, Chiobani, and Dannon and they are all good.  I'm not crazy about the honey flavor, but again, I don't really like honey.  Greek yogurt is very thick and has about 15 grams of protein per container and no fat!  You can use the plain flavor as a substitute for sour cream. 

Sandwich thins!  Again, no specific brand, we have tried Arnold's and I think Nature's Own.  These are 100 calories each and come with 5 grams of fiber!  They taste good too.  We use these instead of hamburger buns and obviously for sandwhices. 

These are just a few items that we like and are relatively healthy choices.  Obviously we also eat "real" food, not in the form of products!  

Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Moving on up

This is my husband's second week at his new job and because we couln't get childcare lined up for this week for Emmie, I am staying home for the rest of the week.  It has really been nice to have a little bit of a break from work and spend more time with Em.  It has also been hard.  I'm not so sure that I could be a full time stay at home mom!  I think part time would be perfect though.

I have work to do tonight for my second job.  A grocery store tour with some physicians and clients.  I hope it goes well...I have been trying to prepare between naps.

Yesterday, Emmie and I went to meet Shan on his lunch break, then she and I headed to the mall and target.  She was so good for me!  I'm always a little nervous to go out with her by myself but she is always well behaved and attracts a lot of attention.  She pulled a lady's hair who got to close...haha!

We had her 9 month well check this morning and I wanted to post her stats:
  • 22 pounds 11 ounces (>95 %)
  • 27 1/2 inches (50%)
  • 18.5 inches head circumference (>95th%)
She is doing great and reaching all milestones.  We did have a discussion about Emmie not sleeping through the night in her crib.  Her doctor told me that we needed to let her cry it out and the first night it could last for 6 hours!  I really don't think I can do that.  Does anyone else have any suggestions!?


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

9 Months

Emmie, you are 9 months old today!  Here's what you've been up to:

  • wearing size 4 diapers
  • wearing size 9-12 months clothes but some of your PJs are a little snug!
  • you really like to feed yourself, Puffs and yogurt melts are your favorites
  • you are a crawling machine!  You will follow mommy and daddy all over the house

  • pulling up to stand...this is a new thing, but you are learning quickly
  • waving bye-bye (just learned this)
  • clapping your hands
  • taking 8 ounces about 4 times a day, plus some table foods.  Purees when I can get you to eat them, but you really just like to spit them out at me now instead of eat them
  • like to stand at the doorway and watch daddy cut the grass

2 things we are working on and hope to achieve by next month:  sleeping all night in your crib and getting some teeth!

We love you baby!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Clean Up

I had to work this morning and have to go back again in the morning but for whatever reason I tend to have more energy (or maybe it's motivation)! when I work the weekend. 

So, I made dinner, White Chicken Enchiladas and now we are trying to clean up this house!  How does it get so cluttered/filthy?  We officially have a "mobile" baby now, so we are trying out best to keep it clean.  It is so hard!

We have tried to baby proof, but I have to admit, she is a little more into everything than I though she would be.  I can sit her down and the next thing I know she has crawled across the room and is trying to pull up on something.  I just don't want her to get hurt! 

What does everybody do to keep the house clean?  I'm thinking that we might need to implement some sort of schedule...Mon-dust/vacuum, Tues-laundry/bathrooms, etc?  Does this actually work?  I just don't know how working moms do it.  There are dishes and laundry every day, not to mention fixing dinner each night and feeding Em each night, which takes a while since she is learning table foods.  Give me some tips!

Gotta run....Hubs starts work on Monday!  Pray for him!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

How I Met My Hubby

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

I'm so excited to finally be able to participate in one of Kelly's "Show Us Your Life" posts!  I've been waiting on one that I can participate in and also have the time to post about, so here we go...

My husband Shannon and I have known each other since middle school and went to the same high school as well.  Shannon was much more "promiscuous" than I was in high school.  He dated around....a lot.  And I was more of a nerd, really just wanting to make good grades so I could get into college.  We both were in serious relationships all throughout high school, never quite making our way to each other.  I left for college at North Carolina State University and a year later he graduated and went to the opposite end of the state at Western Carolina University.  In the summer of 2004, I had broken things off with my boyfriend and he had done the same with his girlfriend. We somehow found our way to each other and fell really hard.  We started dating on July 28, 2004.  (Our first daughter was born exactly 5 years later!).
We continued to date long distance for the next 2 years and when I graduated from college in 2006, I made the decision to continue my education at Western Carolina University, to get my masters. 
We had so much fun together at WCU and really spent that time together "growing up". 

On December 18, 2006 (Shannon's parent's wedding anniversary), Shannon asked me to marry him and of course I said yes.
We were married on May 31st, 2008 and have been living happily ever after since then! 

We have been through so much together.  I was so attracted to Shannon's charm, bright eyes and generous heart.  He is probably the funniest/wittiest person I know.  And he gave me a precious daughter that looks just like him! 
I love you very much! 


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So this is an outlet for me to post about whatever I want to and I don't think too many people are reading anyway.  So the next few ramblings are more for my own cathartic reasons that anything else.... 

I, for whatever reason, still have some negative feelings about the events that transpired after Emmie's birth.  When I look back to the day that she was born and our stay at the hospital, it is the most precious, wonderful memory that I have.  However, Emmie required transfer to the NICU and then transfer to another hospital with a higher level of care NICU and I just have a lot of feelings about it (still after almost 9 months).  She was born on July 28th, 2009.  On her third day of life she still had not had a bowel movement and she begin to vomit.  After a consult with the neonatologist (whom I also work with) it was decided that she would be transferred to the NICU to rule out a bowel obstruction.  In the process of this, it was discovered that there was some type of blockage or other condition that needed immediate investigation that couldn't be done at the hospital we were at. We were also told that she could have a number of disorders, including Cystic Fibrosis and Hirschsprung's disease. I was discharged earlier that day and we were all just waiting on Em to poop and we were going to be able to leave.  Once we were told we would need to be transferred, Shannon and I threw everything from my hospital room together and flew home to grab stuff we would need for the next few days.  At this point in time, we were not given a diagnosis for Em's condition, just that we would meet a pediatric surgeon as soon as we got there for further evaluation.   

I was also so emotionally wrecked when we found out that we had to be transferred to the first NICU that you can only imagine the shape I was in when we were told we had to be transferred to another hospital.  My husband and I struggled through Emmie's first two weeks of life and prayed together every night for the healing of our sick baby.  It was one of the first times that we actually prayed together.  Coming home to an empty house without a baby absolutely tore me apart.  I will never forget walking into Em's nursery, without her and having a complete breakdown.  I look back and have no idea how I made it through those first weeks.  I can tell you there were a lot of tears. 

We finally made it to the bigger hospital and ended up sleeping in the waiting room until the next morning when we had the consultation with the surgeon.  At about 3 AM that morning while I was pumping (yes I was so crazy...this was the only stability in the middle of chaos) I can just remember praying to God to save our sweet baby.  To take whatever this was and heal her.  And I remember a lot of tears and pity.  That next morning at about 10AM (after sleeping in the waiting room in a chair 2 days postpartum) the surgeon finally came to speak with us about Em.  He said "Your daughter is very sick and I would like to take her to surgery immediately".  I will never forget that moment.  Our third day as parents, and already we are having to make one of the biggest decisions for our child.  He told us at that time that he thought she had a jejunal atresia.

On July 30th, 2009, she was immediately prepped for surgery and taken to the OR.  Again, we prayed together, cried and just tried to remain positive.  About an hour later we were in the waiting room waiting on the surgeon to come and give us news regarding the operation.  He came in and said that she did, in fact, have a jejunal atresia, type 1, which is the simplest, most "fixable" type. He was able to remove a very small portion of her bowel and resect it together.  Praise God.  I had several questions regarding her feeding regimen from thereon (I couldn't stop thinking in RD mode even then).  He was hopeful that her recovery would be swift because she was a full term baby.  I, along with the other 15 or so family members, begin to immediately sob.  I couldn't believe that we finally had some resolution.  It felt like I was having a nightmare for 24 hours straight.

For the next 2 weeks, Emmie went through many ups and downs, but mainly ups because her recovery time was fairly short.  Those 2 weeks were the longest of my life.  Every day and night we drove back and forth the hospital, praying for positive updates on Emmie's status.  We were initially told that she could be there for almost 2 months.  On August 13th 2009, we were finally able to bring our sweet baby girl home!  That was and remains the best feeling that I have every had.  We were so grateful that God had saved our sweet baby.  It truly was an answered prayer. 

I know that everything happens for a reason, but it is hard not to question why my God would allow this to happen...why me Lord?  Why her?  Why Shannon?  I know there are no answers to these questions, but I still hurt from that experience.  I still hurt for the chance to be wheeled out of the hospital, new baby in arms, pictures being snapped, loading mommy and new baby in the car.  That was an experience I never had.

I am so grateful for the wonderful outcome that Emmie has had.  I realize that there are many parents whose babies never come home and it absolutely breaks my heart. If anything, Shannon and I grew so much stronger in our marriage and also in our walk with the Lord together.  I am so thankful for those moments in the night that my husband and I shared as we grieved together for our child.  He was truly my rock.

I know that God must have some awfully big plans for this little girl because she sure did have a rough time getting here. (Remember the 2nd hospitalization at 6 weeks of life for GBS infection).  I imagine these feelings are common for ALL NICU moms/parents and I realize that there are babies with far worse outcomes than my daughter's.  However, everyone has a story and this is mine.  Please keep us all in your prayers, especially for me and being able to let these negative feelings go. 


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fun with Flowers

Well, it's late Sunday night and I should have already been asleep for about 2 hours but I'm not tired at all.  I think I always want to stay up late on Sunday nights because I know Monday is coming.  And oh, how I loathe a Monday. 

We had a great weekend!  We found out on Thursday that my husband got a job!  Finally!  I don't want to disclose too much information on here, but I will just say that it is definately a step in the right direction, even if it is not his dream job.  God is always on time.  We are just so grateful that something finally came up.  However, it does mean a lot of changes for our family.  This job will come with long hours and Emmie might have to start daycare.  That is still in the works.  We are just going to pray about it, but we will have to work something out soon because hubby starts next Monday! 

We spent Friday night at home.  I cooked homemade BBQ meatballs (I have really been into meatballs lately, I don't know what is up with that) and we just took a stroll with Em and watched movies.  We spent Saturday at Shannon's grandfathers land, which is beautiful!  I was able to take some awesome pictures of Emmie on the land and in this beautiful patch of flowers we found! 

I am still so new to all of this camera/photography stuff, but I have learned a lot in the week that I have owned my camera:)  These images are so precious to me, as are all of the other thousands of images that we have taken of Em.  This set of images are the first ones that I have ever really edited, so it was pretty interesting in trying to learn how to do that.  I haven't had a ton of time to put into this, but it is so addicting!  If anyone has any tips for me, I would love to hear it! 

Have a great week,


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Updates and Easter

I have been away for quite some time!  And I realize that Easter was almost 1 week ago, but I choose to post about it now because I just now have the time....

Emmie came down with strep throat 2 weeks ago and then we decided to up and take a beach trip for Easter and we have just been trying to recooperate from that long weekend trip since we got home.  Shan's grandparents live at Oak Island Beach and we go down there a couple of times in the summer and sometimes for holidays as well.  Since we have been together, I have loved being able to just leave for beach trip and we always love to spend time with his grandparents.  Not only was this Emmie's first Easter, but really the first time she got to spend any significant time with her great grandparents (and her first road trip and trip to the beach).  When she was born they came down but then she wound up in the NICU for 2 weeks so it was nice for them to get acquainted.
 She did great in the car both ways, she ended up sleeping most of the time. 
We were able to hit up the beach and again she did great, she took a long nap under the umbrella.

On Easter morning after we checked out all the goodies the Easter Bunny left, we went to the beach to take a few pictures of Em.  Unfortunately she wouldn't really cooperate and most of the pictures are of her looking at the sand.  We decided to forego church this year because we didn't want to leave her in a nursery with people that we didn't know.  I really did want to take her to church on her first Easter but being out of town it was just difficult.  (I also ended up packing all of our stuff in a frenzy and didn't have a thing to wear to church). 

Emmie and her great-grandfather were buddies.  She is the only great-granddaughter.  (so far). 

We had such a great time and it was good to just get away.  Things are definitely different when it comes to traveling when you have a child, but I wouldn't change it for the world!


Monday, March 29, 2010

Canon vs. Nikon

So in the next few weeks I will be purchasing my first DSLR camera!  I am so excited....I have been waiting to get a new camera for a while now.  I am still unexperienced with camera terms and have had little time to research which one is better.  So I employed the help of friends!  

My friend and sorority sister, Liz Goettee is a professional photographer and has a ton of experience with cameras, including both Canons and Nikons.  Here is the awesome and in depth review she did for me to compare the Canon EOS XS Rebel and the Nikon d3000:

I started out with the original Canon Rebel in school and have advanced to the Canon 40D and have always been impressed with the quality and color of the images taken on my Canons. When I interned for Turner Broadcasting Systems a few years ago we used top of the line Canon SLR cameras, thus proving they are GREAT CAMERAS! I guess you could say I am a bit biased, haha. My job however requires that I use Nikon's. Only until this past year when we purchased D700's for work have a I been satisfied with Nikon SLR cameras.

Canons in general have a warmer tone to them where as Nikons are known to have a cooler tone.  Warm being red, Cool being blue. If you want to photograph Emmie, friends, family they will look more natural and attractive with a warmer

Compared to the Canon EOS Rebel XS the Nikon d3000 flash won't reach as far, the battery longevity is less, and the camera body is just a bit heavier. The Nikon also doesn't allow time lapse recording. This feature can be programmed to automatically shoot a number of frames over a period of time or with a certain time interval between each frame. For instance, a camera on a tripod in time lapse mode could be set up to shoot frames of a flower opening or a bird building a nest.

Overall the Canon EOS XS Rebel is a better camera (in my opinion). Amazon is currently selling it for $492.98, a great deal!

I also found that (May be the same price in store) has theirs for $499.00. If it were me buying it, I'd pay that tiny difference and get it at Walmart. That way, if it comes down to it, the exchange process won't be as painful and I could just go in a Walmart store.

Canon and Nikon cameras are like Duracell and Energizer. Both are good but some people prefer one over the other. It all comes down to the value you are getting for the price you pay.

Wow!  This help me put things in perspective and while I realize everyone has their own preference, I like the side by side comparison.  I still haven't completed decided, but I am leaning towards the Canon Rebel.  I also asked my good friend Natalie what her experience was.  She is also new to the photography world but has taken some amazing pictures of her little one!  She uses a Nikon and loves it but also highly recommended the Canon Rebel.  I can't wait to get my hands on my new camera!