Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Girls Day Out

Today was my first day out by myself with Emmie and let me tell you I was scared.  Ha!  I don't know why I was so scared..she did great!  If you have children you will know what I mean when I say that you almost need to be an engineer to operate all of their gear...the carseat with the base and unclicking it to get them out, then the stroller and clicking the seat into the stroller..AHHH!  Almost sent me into a panic attack.  Really though, Emmie was great, slept the whole time and let her momma shop around Old Navy for about an hour.  

I thought this little outfit was so cute, it says "daddy's girl" and has strawberries all over it.  She has so many cute little summer clothes that I'm afraid she is never going to get to wear.  The girl is growing like a weed!  According to my scales, she's weighing in at 11 pounds!  She's come a long way from her NICU days recovering from surgery.  
We also went and visited with Aunt Spring and Uncle Tony, my cousin Toni and her daughter Isabella.  Bella is 1 1/2 and we are certain after her and Emmie's meeting today that they are going to grow up best of friends.  We also went to visit Nanna and Poppy tonight, all things that I have no pictures of:(.  However I have some really cute pics of my little girl over the last few days, so I hope they will suffice!
 Emmie and her Dad before our Sunday walk.
 Check out these cheeks! and bright blue eyes!  I think Shan scared her..ha!

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