Saturday, September 19, 2009


It has been a while since I last posted!  Whew!  We have been some busy bees around here!  The last week was crazy, just trying to recooperate from the last hospital visit.  We spent the entire last weekend soaking up time with our sweet baby at home again and watching football.  Well football was on TV and I was forced to participate all weekend.  (I don't really like football, can you tell?)

Last Monday Emmie and I spent the day going to Doctor's visits.  She had her follow up with her surgeon that morning and I had my 6 week check up with my OB in the afternoon.  I had to take her to her appointment by myself (still scary) and I managed to put my big girl pants on and get through it.  I almost got lost trying to get there and then had to park in the parking deck and walk a little ways, which meant that I got to use the  The dr. said Emmie's incision looks great and should continue to heal and hopefully fade.  He also said that we don't need to follow up with him again unless something comes up, like severe vomitting.  Praise God for that!  My appointment went great as well! 

On Tuesday night Emmie and I went to watch Shan play church softball.  Here she is before we went.

And another one with momma:

I Love this little DIVA, can you tell?

Last night Shan, Emmie and I went to the East Gaston High School football game.  Again, I am not a football fan, but it was fun to take Emmie to her first game and there was a lot of Shan's family there to love on her. 

Here we are at the game.  I really hate this picture of myself, but this blog is about documenting our lives and the things we do with the little one so I will post it here.  BUT, I am a firm believe that when someone takes a picture of you standing below you, it will always give you a double chin and make you look fatter.  Ha!  That's my excuse here.  I really have lost 33 pounds now! 

Emmie has been trying to smile a lot more lately and I tried and tried to catch her doing it last night at the game, but everytime she was smiling, the camera flash interrupted her.  Here are a few tries:


She was really smiling at her Nana (Shan's mom) and I can tell that Emmie Lane is just going to love her grandma!  I'm so happy for that.

Andra (mother-in-law, AKA Nana) and I just got back from the children's consignment sale at the Presbyterian church and we are planning on spending the rest of this Saturday running errands and with family!  I will try to be better about posting more often!

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