Monday, September 7, 2009

In the Hospital

No posts lately because we have been admitted to the hospital until Saturday for Emmie's Group B Strep infection.  It is something that I tested negative for, but the pediatrician thinks it's late onset, picked up for exiting the birth canal.  We are fortunate that we caught it now, it could have turned into meningitis.  We are glad to be at Gaston Memorial Hospital because I work here and have the hook up with food. Ha!  Emmie is doing great and really doesn't even act like anything is bothering her, except her IV.  Her appetite has been down a little today, but I have no doubt she will pick back up soon.  We were admitted early Saturday morning (3AM), only after being in the ER for 6 hrs, and after Emmie had a spinal tap.  I cannot tell you how awful it feels to know that your baby is being stuck and hurt and you can't do anything about it. The only reason we even brought her in was because on Friday she was being fussy, which is unusual for her, and she had a temperature.  I'm so glad now that I listened to mommy intu ition! 

I have  felt a little sad and defeated today.  It is so hard to forget to count your blessings and to feel pity for yourself and your little girl when all you want to do is take her home and care for her yourself.  I know that she needs to be here to get the medicine that she needs, but it doesn't make it any easier.  We are so tired of the hospital life.  I took some time earlier and found a few bible verses that did make me feel better, and I'm trying my best to have faith in God and know that he will give me the grace I need to get through all of this. 

Emmie is doing great now, asleep on her daddy's chest.  The Dr. hopes that we will be able to leave by Saturday.  No pics for now, but I have a late 1 month birthday post in mind and took some pics of Emmie today with her new hairbows:)

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