Friday, March 12, 2010

7.5 months

Emmie had her 6 month well check yesterday but she is actually 7.5 months old.  We got a little behind schedule in the beginning and I kinda wanted to delay some of her immunizations anyway so I guess it worked out ok.  Here are her stats:

20 pounds 11 ounces (>98%)
26 3/4 inches long (50-75%)
>98% ( I can't remember exactly, but basically she has a big ole head)

She had 3 shots and an oral vaccine and she did great.  She has grown so much and done so well since her surgery, I am just so blessed to have this happy healthy baby!  We are going to have to schedule an appointment with one of the DOC band centers to see if her head shape is severe enough for a band.  It is slightly flat in the back and I started to notice it.  The pediatrician said she thinks we probably won't even qualify for the DOC band (it looks like a crash helmet) it is so slight, but we still want to check it out.  She also has a clogged tear duct which she has had since birth that still hasn't opened up.  The pediatrician said she has until 12 months for it to open, otherwise, she will have to be sedated and a ophthalmologist will attempt to open it up....please pray that this doesn't happen!  I do not want my baby to be put to sleep again!

I have to work the rest of the weekend which I absolutely hate but I have Monday off with my family at least! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



  1. Loving this blog....My blog is coming soon.. I promise.

  2. thanks so much for following my blog! adore yours as well! :)