Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sick Baby

My sweet baby is not feeling well.  Emmie has had a 101-102 degree fever for the past two nights but it has broken by each morning and she acts fine.  We decided to finally take her in after two nights of calling the after hours pediatrician line.  This is really the first time Emmie has been "sick" besides her surgery and GBS infection, but both of those were pretty major.   This morning we saw the nurse practitioner and basically were told that everything looked pretty good.  No congestion, runny nose, ear ache, sore throat, no flu, no UTI.  (It is not fun to attempt an in and out cath on a was absolutely horrible and the nurse was unable to get a urine sample, so I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to catch baby pee in a cup)

We are pretty much attributing it to something viral and hopefully she will be back to normal in the next couple days.  She has been fever free since we came home and has been happy and playing all night.  Hopefully this is a sign that we are on the way back to good health!

Having to go through sickness with your child is something that you can never prepare yourself for.  It is a constant worry, constant fever check, medicine give, snuggles and kisses, and up all night that you don't ever want to go through.   I can't imagine how it must feel for for parents whose children are chronically ill.  Ever since Emmie's stay in the NICU and the trauma it caused for me and my husband, I will pray a lot of times for the families with babies in the NICU.  It really should be a prayer for all the sick babies and parents in the world. 

Today was also the first day that I have had to miss work because of mothering a sick child.  I ended up working a half day.  I wish our country allowed for mothers to take off more time after childbirth to rear children!  Can you imagine the impact that would have on society!  The constant teeter totter of mom and career woman can really wear on you.  I guess it's good that we made it to almost 8 months without any trouble.  Again, other than the major surgery and stay in the hospital. 

We are praying that Emmie will start to feel better and have no fever so that we can enjoy the weekend!  I hope everyone else is having a better week than mine!


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