Thursday, March 18, 2010

Little Friday

I had a good friend in college who used to call Thursdays, little Fridays.  Well, thank goodness that today is little Friday and tomorrow is really Friday!  It has been a long week.  Each time I work the weekends, I swear it takes me the whole week and the next weekend to recover from it.  So this week has slowly passed by.  I am so looking forward to a sunny weekend with the family, a birthday party, and hopefully going to the park.

I had to go grocery shopping tonight and it is such a pain in the butt!  Shan and I usually both go together and leave Em with his parents.  We always buy canned drinks ( I love a cold can drink), dog food, and enough food for at least 2 weeks of meals.  I really don't like to not have what I need to cook dinner after work days. So normally he will go with me and help me get all of the heavy stuff.  But tonight, I did it by myself and I am just worn out...

I'm planning on trying out a new recipe or two this weekend so I will post those and tell you how they turn out! On another topic, I'm trying to get our family on a more structured budget.  We have definitely  been on a strict budget since Shan lost his job but after doing our bills today, it occurred to me that we should have an additional $700 left over after all expenses are paid at the end of the month!  That is crazy, because sometimes it does NOT feel like we any extra money.  How do you guys budget?  I have tried to do an Excel sheet but I just didn't keep up with it.  I do pretty good with a planner that I can write in, so I got a new one today and have written all money in and out.  Hopefully this system will work for us!

Happy weekend everybody!



  1. Tiffany, my mom has this crazy awesome computer program. I think its like Quicken or something. Anyhow, its hooked up to her online checking and so it shows her with like piecharts and stuff what they are spending money on and how much they are spending. I have been thinking about investing in this....

    I do not budget. But, when we get our bank statements I do lookover what we spend and where we spend it. Other than the house payment, we spend soo much money on eating out... I'm thinking about rationing my fast food and dinners out. I think I would save a lot of $$, and probably lose a few pounds. But, I timewise right now I dont know how practical it is.

    You should post some quick and easy recipes to help me out with this! :)

  2. Hmmm...our computer is still not working and I'm using Shan's dad's laptop but when ours gets fixed, I might do this. More recipes coming!