Monday, March 29, 2010

Canon vs. Nikon

So in the next few weeks I will be purchasing my first DSLR camera!  I am so excited....I have been waiting to get a new camera for a while now.  I am still unexperienced with camera terms and have had little time to research which one is better.  So I employed the help of friends!  

My friend and sorority sister, Liz Goettee is a professional photographer and has a ton of experience with cameras, including both Canons and Nikons.  Here is the awesome and in depth review she did for me to compare the Canon EOS XS Rebel and the Nikon d3000:

I started out with the original Canon Rebel in school and have advanced to the Canon 40D and have always been impressed with the quality and color of the images taken on my Canons. When I interned for Turner Broadcasting Systems a few years ago we used top of the line Canon SLR cameras, thus proving they are GREAT CAMERAS! I guess you could say I am a bit biased, haha. My job however requires that I use Nikon's. Only until this past year when we purchased D700's for work have a I been satisfied with Nikon SLR cameras.

Canons in general have a warmer tone to them where as Nikons are known to have a cooler tone.  Warm being red, Cool being blue. If you want to photograph Emmie, friends, family they will look more natural and attractive with a warmer

Compared to the Canon EOS Rebel XS the Nikon d3000 flash won't reach as far, the battery longevity is less, and the camera body is just a bit heavier. The Nikon also doesn't allow time lapse recording. This feature can be programmed to automatically shoot a number of frames over a period of time or with a certain time interval between each frame. For instance, a camera on a tripod in time lapse mode could be set up to shoot frames of a flower opening or a bird building a nest.

Overall the Canon EOS XS Rebel is a better camera (in my opinion). Amazon is currently selling it for $492.98, a great deal!

I also found that (May be the same price in store) has theirs for $499.00. If it were me buying it, I'd pay that tiny difference and get it at Walmart. That way, if it comes down to it, the exchange process won't be as painful and I could just go in a Walmart store.

Canon and Nikon cameras are like Duracell and Energizer. Both are good but some people prefer one over the other. It all comes down to the value you are getting for the price you pay.

Wow!  This help me put things in perspective and while I realize everyone has their own preference, I like the side by side comparison.  I still haven't completed decided, but I am leaning towards the Canon Rebel.  I also asked my good friend Natalie what her experience was.  She is also new to the photography world but has taken some amazing pictures of her little one!  She uses a Nikon and loves it but also highly recommended the Canon Rebel.  I can't wait to get my hands on my new camera!


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