Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

I had to work all this weekend but had today off, so it kinda feels like my Sunday.  Shan and I took little Miss Em to lunch at Moe's today and then took a stroll around Kohl's.  I have been searching for an Easter dress for Emmie, but I think I want to get something simple and have it monogrammed.  I just can't decide; there are so many cute clothes for little girls!  We came home and took Em and Bentley for a walk down the street.  Bentley is so good with Em.  They both checked each other out the whole time.

Emmie got some new summer clothes this weekend and I think I paid a total of $15 for all of these little outfits.  I love these rompers and I got her a cute pair of sandals at Target to go with them.  I figured she could just toddle around in these and still be comfortable.  Shopping for her is so much fun!

We just got back from dinner with Shan's family.  It was his little cousin's 3rd birthday and for every birthday in the family we go to this little Mexican restaurant.  I think we have been there 15 times in the past year.

I have to go get ready for work in the morning.  This week should be pretty uneventful but I just don't ever really know until I walk in the door!  Let's hope it is a calm week!  I'm already looking forward to next weekend!


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